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Dear Comrades ,

We are opening the day with an enlivening news. The pension revision case filed and by our Association stands allowed by the PB CAT, ND. We have every reason to be elated
A peek into the history of the case, particularly it's origin, follow-up and now it's disposal is worth examining .

You know that SNPWA was formed in August 2019. Pension revision due to us from 01/01/2017 was left hanging in the balance, with a very negative attitude from the then Minister guided and counselled by the most pessimistic Sec DOT of the times Sh. Anshu Prakash. SNPWA, on its formation realised that a fight in the Court was the only way out. And remember, we were just formed and waiting for registration of the Association. COVID 19 aand consequent closure of the offices meant heavy delay our registration process. But we could not leave such a crucial issue unattended. We held discussions with like-minded Associations and decided to tie up with one of them to file our case.

Our GS had great friendship with Sh. Rajasekhara Rao, senior advocate, who normally doesn't take up such cases in the CAT. But our GS is a man who doesn't retreat from a commitment that he has made up in his mind. He prevailed upon Sh. Rajasekhara Rao and his teammate Ms. Gauri Puri to take up the case in the PB CAT.
A senior counsel of the stature of Sh. Rajasekhara Rao, who is a senior in the Supreme court itself, ensured that he was present for most part of the arguments of our case in the PB CAT, just because of his proximity with our beloved GS. And Ms. Gauri Puri who did the rest is no mean lawyer. She was equal to the task during the pleadings in the court. And today, we stand victorious. I do not want to prolong on the various details. But it must be remembered that SNPWA and our GS was the vital force in getting this favourable disposal.
While we have every right to rejoice, and we hope that this ends the matter, we know that may be, we have to carry on the battle further.

And to you my dear Comrades, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing solidly with the CHQ and our unrelenting GS. We expect your continued wholehearted support.
In the meanwhile, you might remember that unlike other Associations, though young and in abject penury, we made it sure that we would not collect any money on this count from our members thus far.

In this connection, we would express our gratefulness to Sh. Rajasekhara Rao, who charged us at the minimum, compared to his eligible rates and status. So also, Ms. Gauri Puri. And this again due to their intimate connections with our beloved GS.
We would not forget the financial contribution from SNEA who paid the initial filing charges, through the active intervention of the then GS, Com. K. Sebastin. Our immense thanks to SNEA and Com. Sebastin.

And, my God, I need not highlight before you the inhuman efforts expended by our own GS, who followed up the case with such fervour and intent at all stages to bring it to its desired and deserved conclusion. What a pleasure to work in the company of such great and energetic leader. I can vouch that he is the Messiah of the BSNL MTNL pensioner community, without any boast or flattery.

Comrades, please go on to energise and strengthen the organisation in your respective units, so that we can carry on much stronger with all our agenda , present and future.

Jai G. L. Jogi

Sebastian K D
CHQ President


Great Comrades Our OA in respect of pension revision has been allowed by P B CAT ND.
Heartiest Congratulations!


Pension Revision case:
Pronouncement tomorrow for the Pension Revision matter. Court no 2, item 1.( Single Bench Hon'ble Member Tarun Shridhar)


BSNL Endorses the DoT order on Permission to Join other CPSES on contractual basis after taking VRS from BSNL.


Dear Comrade Adasul,
Entire CHQ team of SNEA, Circle Secretaries throughout the Country and my dearest beloved Comrades of SNEA at the grass root level,

Today is yet another momentous, memorable and spectacular day in the history of the ever versatile, resilient, formidable and truly democratic Orgnization, the mightiest and forward looking Organization, THE SNEA. Indeed a day to remember.
The landslide and resounding success of SNEA in the 3rd MV is nothing but an unequivocal stamp of affirmation and approval to the high and rich Trade Union Values and Ethics created and cultivated by the greatest of all times, legendary Godfather and architect of SNEA, beloved W. Seshagiri Rao. The massive mandate given by the executive community through the hardwork and dedication of the Comrades of SNEA is a firm litmus test on the high values of struggle, democratization, invoking the opinions and sentiments of the grass root level members in projecting the issues etc etc has taken firm and deep roots in this Organization. It , once again, proves that any attempt to throw spanners into the well- oiled wheels of this beloved Organization, SNEA will simply be futile. And proud we are because SNEA blood flows through every sinew of each and every Comrade of SNPWA.

Finally, words fail to extend whole-hearted Congratulations of SNPWA to the versatile and never-say-die Com Adasul, under whose roaring and towering leadership, the flag of SNEA continues to fly higher and higher. We congratulate each and every beloved member of the executive community for reposing their trust and confidence in this great Organization, THE SNEA.

SNEA - ZIndabad
SNPWA -ZIndabad
Com Adasul -Zindabad.
Comradely yours,

3rd MV Final Result

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