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Development regarding Pension Revision issue in Hon.PB CAT ND on 3rd July, 24:
The contempt petition in the pension revision matters have been adjourned to 13/08/24 with a direction that if they are unable to get a stay in the High Court on 12/07/24 and if the Judgment dated 20.09.2023 is still not complied with, then the Secretary DOT or any other person not below the level of Director has to be present in court on 13/08/24 at Hon. CAT, PB Delhi..


GS SNPWA writes to Hon. MoC regarding Pension Revision of Absorbed Combined Service Pensioners of BSNL/MTNL with effect from 01/01/2017 - Languishing for the Last Seven Years Due to Bureaucratic Apathy in DoT.
As part of the Campaign by the Joint Forum of BSNL/ MTNL Associations to observe 2nd July, 2024 as a protest day for non resolution of the issue of Pension Revision, GS SNPWA writes to Hon. MoC seeking his immediate intervention in resolution of this crucial issue


Guidelines for issuing CGHS Card to Serving employees and Pensioners - MoH and FW OM dated 27-06-24.


GS SNPWA writes to Hon. MoF Respected Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, urging her to consider some issues, on which we have provided inputs as furnished below, while finalizing the ensuing Budget.
1) Exemption of Income Tax on Interest Earned from Fixed Deposits by Senior Citizens.
2) Exemption of GST on Medical Insurance Premiums and Medical Bills.
3) Increase in Exemption Limit on Leave Encashment during Retirement.
4) Revision of Exemption Limit on Ex-Gratia under Section 10(10C) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
5) Implementation of the Supreme Court Order on Increment for Retirees.


Latest Status Regarding our Pension Revision
Writ Petition has been filed by DOT in Delhi High Court praying to Quash the Judgment of the PB CAT ND of 21st Sept, 23 Since this Association had already filed a caveat in Delhi High Court, no exparte stay was granted by Delhi High Court The WP filed by DOT came up for hearing on 5th April 24 and DOT sought an adjournment whereas the double Bench of Delhi High Court was fully inclined and ready to hear the matter on merits. However, since DOT lawyer was not ready to argue, he pleaded for staying the Judgment of PB CAT ND and issuing of notice to the Respondents (Associations). This plea of granting stay on the Judgment of PB CAT ND and issuing of notice to the Respondents was outrightly rejected by the Bench. Further, the Bench on 5th April mentioned in it's order that no stay is granted, no notice is issued and further mentioned that P? CAT ND has full liberty to proceed with the Contempt Proceedings, in case Contempt Petition is moved by the aggrieved parties. Delhi High Court adjourned the matter and posted it on 12th July, 24 After this development, the Applicant Associations, including our Association, filed Contempt Petition in PB CAT ND against DOT for non implementation of the Judgment of PB CAT ND dated 21st Sept, 24. While admitting the Contempt Petition, PB CAT ND directed DOT to file its reply within four weeks and posted the matter for 3rd July 24 After this development in PB CAT ND, DOT hurriedly moved an application on 31st May 24 (last working day of Delhi High Court before vacation) praying for staying the Contempt Proceedings initiated by PB CAT ND as well as for early hearing of the WP filed by it This Association was represented by Senior Counsel, Sh Rajshekar Rao, besides team of our Counsels Delhi High Court was quite upset and unhappy with the actions of DOT on the ground that, on the last working day, DOT has approached the High Court when the Order of listing the matter for 12th July, 24 was passed by Delhi High Court on 5th April, 24 Delhi High further Court observed that DOT did not care to approach Delhi High Court and it approached High Court on last working day i.e 31st May, 24 whereas the order for listing the case for 12th July, 24 was passed by it on 5th April, 24 Finally, Delhi High Court rejected both the pleas of DOT i.e the Bench neither stayed the contempt proceedings initiated by PB CAT ND nor preponed the listing of case from 12th July, 24. Besides, it imposed a fine of Rs 20, 000 on DOT for each Association to be credited in the Staff Welfare Account of the Delhi High Court
The matter regarding Contempt Proceedings against DOT will come up for hearing on 3rd July, 24 whereas Writ Petition filed in Delhi High Court will come up for hearing on 12th July 24.

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