About Us
SANCHAR NIGAM PENSIOERS’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION is a platform for all retirees from BSNL/MTNL/DOT. This Association takes its roots from Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association, which has a proud heritage of fights and struggles on all fronts for protection of the privileges of its members.

Membership is open to all rteirees of BSNL/MTNL/DOT. The lifetime membership fee shall be Rs. 1000/=

What the Association stands for:
The Monogram of the Association itself describes the attitude and aptitude of the Association:The hand at the top signifies the struggle we have to undertake on behalf of the membership. The hand at the bottom signifies the extreme care and tender love for and in between the members of the Association. The two arrows in the middle signify our commitment for all at all times. The holding hands at the outer periphery of the inner circle implies that the different units of the Association as well as each member of the Association shall be in total harmony and camaraderie to strive for the interests of the Association and its members.

The main objectives of the Association:
i) To create “espirit de corps” among the members.
ii) To disseminate information through various communication channels, through periodical journal to be published at required intervals and through other appropriate means on technical, managerial, financial and all other subjects related to the welfare of members.
iii) To address and get redressal of the grievances of the members.
iv)To co-ordinate and form Federations with organizations representing personnel of retired executives and employees in BSNL/ MTNL/ DOT and other establishments.
v) To work in close association and harmony with like-minded Associations/ Unions of working employees and Executives of BSNL/MTNL/DOT with a view to protect the interests of the retired/ working employees / executives and more so to strive to protect the financial viability and presence of BSNL/MTNL as non-divested PSUs in the public domain.
vi) To promote National Integration and to inculcate a spirit of dedication, commitment and among the members.
vii) To organise activities of social and cultural benefits to the members and their families, and
viii)To deal with such other activities as required from time to time.

Dynamic leadership : The Association is endowed with an array of leaders of proven calibre, right from the BAs to Circles to the CHQ, headed by its Chief Executive, who is the unmatched and time-tested hero of DOT/ BSNL/ Com. G. L. Jogi.

Tagline : The tagline of the Association describes the mood of oneness, solidarity and togetherness