Message from GS

We are at the crossroads. And it is the one decision that we take now, that will determine the course of our future as pensioners of BSNL/MTNL/DOT. A ‘for sale board’ has been stuck on BSNL/MTNL. Huge numbers of working employees have been forced out of the Companies they have so proudly and brilliantly served for decades. Our future is at stake. You might recollect that it is we, and we alone, who intensely struggled for getting informed choice comprehensively about our basic and legitimate service conditions like payscales, pay fixation, weightage for past service, both time-bound policy and BSNLMSRR for functional promotion etc. And of course, assured pension under 37-A. It was at one such stage that we had to take the decisive action to form BSNLEA and then the mighty SNEA.

When all others wagged their tails to the tune of the masters, we took up the challenge and ensured a more or less safe passage into the new entities. When all others formed Pensioners’ Associations, we hesitated because we did not feel the necessity to form our own pensioners’ Association just to boast of one or to occupy positions of power..

About Us

SANCHAR NIGAM PENSIONERS’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION is a platform for all retirees from BSNL/MTNL/DOT. This Association takes its roots from Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association, which has a proud heritage of fights and struggles on all fronts for protection of the privileges of its members..

The Monogram of the Association itself describes the attitude and aptitude of the Association:The hand at the top signifies the struggle we have to undertake on behalf of the membership. The hand at the bottom signifies the extreme care and tender love for and in between..