• Oct 24, 2020

Dear Comrades,
At the very outset, my profound apologies to all of you for being virtually disconnected
 from you for last fortnight since my wife was terribly unwell groaning day and night with excruciating and
 intolerable pain in her right arm which was swollen like anything and had to be treated in Medanta Hospital
 and I was completely distracted all these days because of that. Now she is slightly better.
Anyway, today I spoke to Mr Tyagi, Sr GM( Estt) who very frankly admitted that the delay in completing 
left out cases of ex gratia is only because of BSNL  and very little cases are now pending. He clearly stated
 that as far as funds from DOT for payment of final instalment of exgratia is concerned is not a problem at all.
 DoT has sufficient funds to make the full payment of final instalment of exgratia but unfortunately the delay
 is only on account of non completion of pending cases of 1st and 2nd instalment of ex gratia. However, 
he mentioned that more than 90% of pending cases are completed and very few are pending now. Finally, 
since he is a very fine, humble and frank officer, he apologetically mentioned that he expects final payment
 to be made in another 10- 15 days. We are extremely grateful to Tyagi sir for taking great personal 
painstaking efforts to ensure that BSNL completes its job as quickly as possible but the delay fundamentally 
is from the field units of BSNL. 
Good news : pay fixation case of officiating JTOs of Kerala is approved after getting clearance from Finance
 and orders will be issued on Monday.Regarding similar case of JTOs of WB Circle, some queries were raised 
by Bsnl/ finance and they have been responded satisfactorily. Sr GM ( Estt) is confident that case of WB Circle 
also will be decided positively and very soon. No words to Express our profound gratitude to Tyagi sir for 
taking personal interest in resolution of these complex cases.
Once again my apologies for not being able to communicate with you for a long time.
 I was also not well, besides my wife.