GS met DIR HR and Sr GM(Estt) to sort out the pending issues.

  • Sep 15, 2020

Dear Comrades
Today I have had a detailed discussion with Dir(HR) on following issues.
Payment of final instalment of ex gratia We expressed our serious concern and anguish over
 inordinate delay in payment of final instalment of ex gratia and conveyed that it clearly 
amounted to total breach of concrete commitment given to VRS optees that final instalment of ex gratia 
would be made by 30th June. However, Director informed that delay in final instalment of ex gratia 
was because of delay by the field units in processing pending cases of ex gratia. However, 
after lot of discussion, Dir (HR). categorically assured that final instalment would be made
 by end of Sept,2020. Let us wait.
Regarding allowing exercising of option for TDS deduction on ex gratia: we apprised 
in detail to Dir(HR) about stubborn, sadistic and illegitimate decision of Dir( finance)
 of not allowing VRS optees to exercise their option for TDS deduction on ex gratia. 
We also informed Dir( HR) about our detailed discussion with CMD on this issue recently
 and CMDs  categorical assurance that he would get the matter examined on facts and merits.
 Dir( HR) assured that he would discuss the issue immediately with CMD.
Regarding non issue of EPPOs to ST Comrades of MH Circle  Director( HR) mentioned that
 he was already treating this matter on very high priority and was in constant touch with 
the  concerned officers of MH state on this issue, including concerned Secretary of MH state.
 We expressed our disappointment over continued. Illegitimate, unprecedented and unjustified
 injustice being met out to ST Comrades which is completely unacceptable.  However, 
he reiterated that he was treating this issue on high priority and expects it to be resolved 
very soon. We shall be very closely monitoring the progress of the issue, and,  if need arises,
 shall be taking up the issue with Honble SC/ ST Commission.
Regarding compassionate case of Com Tamrakar Director informed that he has gone through the letter 
 sent but us and assured very shortly his EPPO would be issued.
Discussion with Sr GM( Estt)
Regarding counting of officiating period of JTOs for purpose of pay fixation, particulaly with regard
 to Kerala Circle, he informed that he was actively examining tha matter and shall let us know about 
the final outcome within a couple of days. We also informed him about reminder sent by GM(HR) Kerala 
on 13th August, 2020 on this issue.
On the issue of payment of final instalment of ex gratia, Sr GM(Estt) was quite optimistic,
 like Director ( HR), that in all probability, final instalment would be paid by end of Sept. 2020.
With Regards