Revaming and restructuring of CGHS - Proposal by Forum of IPS Pensioners.

  • Jan 16, 2023

Memoranda submitted by IPS officers CGHS beneficiaries Association for revaming and restructuring of CGHS. The most crucial and relevant point that  mentioned in the memoranda is that they have been informed by many MOs that Generic medicines relating to Convulsions, Diabetes, Blood pressure etc are ineffective.
Actually, there has to be a full fledged standardization of the efficacy of the generic medicines by the competent authority like CSIR, Drug Controller General of India, etc. In the name of saving costs, CGHS cannot be allowed to play with human lives. The issue assumes greater significance when it comes to life saving medicines. This is atrocious and unacceptable
Filing of a legal suit in Delhi High Court would be the most appropriate thing to force Govt. come out with real and crucial facts about real efficacy of the generic medicines