Letter from Com Damodaran, GS CBWAI, addressed to Hon. PM vehemently opposing integration of CGHS with ABHA.

  • Jan 20, 2023

Letter from Com Damodaran, GS/ CBWAI, addressed to Hon. PM vehemently opposing integration of CGHS with ABHA. In fact, it is a very calculated and well planned sinister design of Govt. to altogether abolish CGHS. Should be ready to oppose tooth and nail this move if the Govt. that will have a huge impact on existing facilities of CGHS beneficiaries.


Grievance Status for registration number : PMOPG/E/2023/0015775

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Sub:- Linking of CGHS Beneficiary ID with the ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) ID

Ref:- MoH&FW (CGHS Directorate) New Delhi OM F. No 44/MCTC/CGHS dated -----January, 2023


Respected & Honourable Prime Minister,

On behalf of the entire CGHS beneficiaries in the country, I submit this Appeal on the subject matter with a sanguine request for issuing appropriate directives to all concerned NOT TO LINK our CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID for the reasons given below:-


Though it has been stated in the OM that "The health records are being shared through a Health Information Exchange Consent Management that ensures data is not shared among healthcare information providers and users without the approval of the person to whom data is related" CGHS beneficiaries are much apprehensive as

linking the two (viz., CGHS & ABHA) will even remotely address the lingering issues of CGHS that continue to debilitate the very fundamentals of functioning of CGHS. Government decision to interlink the two (CGHS & ABHA) is obviously & exclusively aimed at further weakening an already crumbling CGHS structure. Needless to say that tthe existing CGHS mechanism in its totality is steeply declining in all respects and the actual measures which are numerous and have been time and again reflected by this Association continue to remain completely ignored. The real solution to get rid of weaknesses of CGHS is to address the fundamental issues which continue to be ignored and are critical to streamlining of CGHS.

This Association therefore reiterate that the new system seems to be winding off the existing paid service of CGHS for Pensioners. Government can provide free health schemes to all Senior citizens. CGHS is a paid service to Central Govt. Employees, Pensioners and other Senior citizens (Pensioners). We are not against the free health service to senior citizens. Our interest is to continue our existing CGHS facility along with central Government employees and others of CGHS beneficiaries. As on date, there are total card holders of 14,92,167, beneficiaries of 42,35,416 out of serving card holders of 6,76,208, beneficiaries of 25,48,009, Pensioner card holders of 8,03,647, beneficiaries of 16,63,194,

other card holders of 12,312. At present for the beneficiaries of 42,35,416, we are facing a number of problems and if we are merged with crores of senior citizens' free scheme like ABHA Government may not be able to pay huge bills of private Hospitals. In this situation how we the CGHS beneficiaries will get CGHS facilities as at present - we all will be finally thrown on the road without proper treatment facilities. In case the CGHS WCs are opened up for ABHA Id card holders, it is going to create havoc for the CGHS beneficiaries, as at present, facilities available in each WCs are inadequate even for meeting the existing beneficiaries! and therefore adding more burden / load on WCs is not at all desirable for obvious reasons. Instead, CGHS beneficiaries may kindly be permitted to avail treatment facilities at private hospitals empanelled under ABHA as per the existing CGHS package rates which will in turn give them (HCOs) financial stability. Certain States like Kerala, CGHS empanelled hospitals are very less, while hospitals under ABHA are more and therefore this is a genuine demand. For this purpose, there is no need for linking the CGHS Ben id card with ABHA

Keeping in view of all the above facts, this Association vehemently opposes linking of CGHS with ABHA since we are more than convinced that besides being of no consequence, the interlinking of the two will definitely deprive CGHS beneficiaries of the existing facilities that they are legitimately entitled to under CGHS and in the long run will surely place them at par with ABHA beneficiaries who are not entitled to huge facilities that CGHS beneficiaries are now enjoying