SNPWA Vehicle Insurance Scheme 2023-2024

  • Jan 20, 2023

Apart from the Health Insurance Scheme, which has been a great success and of immense help to the needy, SNPWA CHQ has initiated a Vehicle insurance Scheme this year. It is also recieving very good response. Our request to you is to spread the message wherever possible, so that the pensioners can reap the benefits out of it. 
Your silence will deprive so many from enjoying the fruits of the scheme. 
 1. Both two-wheelers and four-wheelers can be done. 
 2. Date of commencement will be the date of expiry of your present insurance policy. 
 3. It is totally hassle-free and senior friendly since all transactions are online.  You need not move out of your home. 
 4. We have our network pan India for attending to your needs. 
 5. We insure only with PSU companies. 
 6. Substantial reduction of upto 70% of the comprehensive component. 
 7. Vehicles of self, family members and close relatives are also entertained. 
 8. No option forms required. Just send in your present policy copy to Sri. Ram on WhatsApp number 8893093088. He will get back to you with our offer. If it suits you only, please carry on. 
Please give maximum publicity so that no one misses out. 
CHQ President