Very Significant and pathbreaking news on the issue of Pension Revision

  • Aug 02, 2022

Very Significant and pathbreaking news on the issue of Pension Revision.
Meeting with Director ( E)/ DOT ; In a very major and Significant development, fresh proposal for Pension Revision on IDA Scales, on which Establishment   Section started drafting more than a month before, after the earlier proposals of Establishment Section were returned by the Internal Finance of DOT, is in conclusive stages and is expected to be sent to IF/DOT within a couple of days. GS/ SNPWA, GS/ MREWA, Com Mudgal and CHQ Vice president/ SNPWA, Com D.C. Sharma met Director ( E)/ DOT this afternoon
On the issue of 5% IDA neutralization of MTNL Retirees, Director ( E) informed that he is in constant touch with the concerned officers in D.O E who are processing the issue.
However, what is of great significance is that what we gathered from very reliable sources is that Fresh Proposal on IDA Scales, on which Establishment Section has been working for about a month now, has been drafted in a manner by the Establishment Section that it is surely to go to DOP & PW for its consideration.
Proposal going to DOP & PW for its consideration in itself is a great breakthrough and surely beginning of the resolution of the crucial issue of our Pension Revision. It is pertinent to mention that SNPWA, AIBSNL PWA and MREWA are vigorously pursuing resolution of this crucial issue.