Another Opportunity for Reimbursement of one time CGHS Migration Fees within a Months Time

  • Jun 21, 2022

Comrades Grateful to CMD / BSNL sir for having acceeded to our request to provide yet another opportunity for reimbursement of one time CGHS migration fees within a months time. BSNL MRS Card holders migrating to CGHS before 31st July22 shall get reimbursement within one month's time. No words to express our gratitude to CMD/ BSNL Sir for his very prompt action to our request made just three weeks back. Earlier CMD Sir, in our personal meeting with him on 10th Feb, 22 had immediately agreed to our similar request and all those who migrated after 10th Feb, 22, their reimbursement was made by 31st March, 22.
Further extremely thankful to Sr GM ( A)/ BSNL, Respected S. P  Singh, Sir, for his very spontaneous follow up action and putting up the proposal in no time on this issue and for his sending me this order just now personally.
Comrades, this is the final opportunity. GS is not going to make any more requests to CMD/ Sir on this issue now since it is quite embarrassing.
This has been something on which SNPWA and our GS has been fighting for quite a long time. Great achievement !!!
Those who are yet to migrate may please utilise this opportunity so that we are rid of the BSNL MRS, which may never come.
This may the final opportunity for easy migration.
Congratulations to our GS