Health insurance scheme for the retirees of BSNL / MTNL/ DOT by SNPWA

Dear friends,

 As you all know we have been running a health insurance scheme for the retirees of BSNL / MTNL/ DOT for the last two years quite successfully, serving the medical needs of those requiring them with prompt and proper attention. It is a well known fact that it is rather difficult for retirees to take medical insurance, and if at all with so many attendant conditions whereas we are offering facilities even  for pre- existing diseases without any ceiling limit. The premium rates are also quite low in comparison to the market rates of similar age groups.

 We are thankful to all the beneficiaries and the leaders of SNPWA who have been contributing a lot for its successful implementation.

 We have been recieving many queries from all parts of the country about the launch of the next issue of the scheme. We are happy to inform you that we will be floating the next issue by the first week of February 2023, so as to complete the process and start the scheme precisely from 0000 hrs 27th March 2023, so as to facilitate seamless entry without break of even a second to the present set of beneficiaries. Of course, fir those who wish to claim IT deduction in the next financial year will be permitted to make the payment in April.

 We are hoping to contain the premium rates to the* minimum possible. We have been able to maintain the  present claim ratio to 106%. With little care from all sides * we hope to reduce it to less than 100% which will be of great help to us to set the premium at the current rates. But if it goes even 1% above 100, we will have to be at the mercy of the H. O. of the insurance company, which, to put it frankly is quite hostile to the retirees putting them as loss-making portfolio, which naturally they would not be happy to entertain. With the cooperation of one and all, we hope to be able to bring it down to anything less than 99%, which is not an impossibility. This is not to restrain our needy beneficiaries to avail the facilities but an element of caution can help everyone in the group.

 We are also thinking of taking up the vehicle insurance (including 4wheelers and 2 wheelers) of the retirees, if we are able to get a bargain, which is well below the running market rates to the satisfaction of all prospective beneficiaries. Please note that our schemes do not have any business motives but only to extend our services to our group and to minimise the hassles for them especially in the advancing ages.

We once again thank our patrons and leaders and request all of you to give this maximum publicity, because we do not want anyone to miss out. Why we repeating it is because we have several complaints from all around claiming unawareness of the scheme at the proper time.

 Thank you for all the hardwork. We expect your most sincere cooperation in future also, so that together we can run the scheme successfully and satisfactorily.

Sincerely Yours,

Sebastian K D

CHQ President, SNPWA