Admissibility of House Rent Allowance at IDA Basic Pay with 78-2 fitment in respect of Executives and Non-executives of BSNL
Air travel on Official tour or LTC - Guidelines of DOE 09-07-13
Allowances other than the allowances under cafeteria approach - DPE order reg 08-08-17
Applicability of all the rules and regulations related to LTC in BSNL reg 02-08-18
Briefcase and Towell uniform procedure for ERP
CCL - EPP Pay scale upgradion - Clarification w r t effect of EOL and CCL reg 11-09-15
Change for option for contribution in Employees Pension Scheme reg 06-02-18
Childcare leave - DoP&T orders
Classification of Cities as per SR 51 reg - Clarification reg 20-05-14
Composite transfer grant in revised pay 01-07-10
Composite transfer grant - Corrigendum 20-08-10
Computer Moped advance - Amendment
Deduction of TDS on payment of Encashment of Half Pay Leave (HPL) against shortfall in Earned Leave (EL) of 300 days on retirement - reg 27-02-19
Definition of Dependent family member for CGA reg - DoP and T clarification 25-02-15
Diet and Food allowance admissibility clarification 20-06-11
Discontinuation of project allowance in BSNL 02-03-10
    Distance Learning
EL encashment ot employees appointed in BSNL after technical resignation from the Gove - reg 22-11-13
Empanelment of Hotels for JAG SAG officers on tour to Delhi 25-03-13
Encashment of HPL on short fall of EL - 01-07-10
Encashment of HPL on short fall of EL - corrigendum 22-12-10
Facilities for CMD and Full-time Directors of BSNL Board -Review and consolidation 02-08-17
Farewell function to Officers-Officials retiring from service w e f January 2020 onwards reg 08-01-2020
Fixing service charges for renting out vacant qtrs - clarification reg 02-05-14
Freezing of Dearness Allowance to Employees of CPSEs till 30th June, 2021 – reg - DoPE letter 26-11-20
Freezing of Dearness Allowance to Employees of CPSEs till 30th June, 2021 – reg 26-11-20
GPF Advance Limit Enhanced upto 12 Months of Pay – DoPPW Order 07-03-17
GPF withdrawals Limits and Conditions are liberalised - DoP and PW order 07-03-17
Grant of Transport allowance at double the normal rates for Deaf and dumb and also Hearing impaired reg -DoE 17-01-17
Grant of Child Care Leave to women employees of BSNL - Instructions reg 26-06-18
Grant of Child Care leave to women employees of BSNL 08-03-13
Grant of Honararium for setting up of Question papers -Evaluation of Answer book reg 12-08-14
Grant of PLI to BSNL Employees for the year 2014-2015 - 07-10-16
Grant of Perks to Executive employees in BSNL reg 23-05-16
Grant of perks allowance to Executives - 04-09-09
Guidelines for provision of telephone connection with STD and BB to Recognized Employees Union reg 20-12-17
HPL encashment against shortfall of EL of 300 days on death of any BSNL Employee while in service w e f 01-01-2006 -02-12-11
HRA - Re classification of cities w r t 2011 census reg 10-09-15
HRA classification
HRA for S A S Nagar Mohali at par with Chandigarh - Clarification 03-02-17
Hard area Allowance to BSNL employees posted in some Islands of Lakshadeep 07-07-13
Hindi personal pay on revised scale 01-07-10
Honararium for Exam related works - 03-03-10
Implementation of procedure to be adopted for reimbursment of claims for Briefcase-Mobile- Newspaper and Towel etc reg 01-07-21
Incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification - Clarification 17-12-13
Incentive for acquiring higher qualification - Clarification 13-03-13
Instructions regarding timely payment of Gratuity (DCRG) to avoid payment of intrest for delayed payment reg 09-07-20
International_travel - Clarification by DoE 10-11-14
Issue of Diary for Executives and Non Executives for the calender year 2015 - Order 17-11-14
Keeping certain allowances outside the 50 percentage ceiling for perks and allowances m- DPE guidelines 11-06-13
Kit money for Sports tournaments - Enhancement reg 21-01-15
Liability towards Gratuity of DR employees reg 05-03-15
Liability towards Leave encashment of all employees reg 05-03-15
Looking after arrangement by executives availing higher pay scales - Clarification regarding Official Facilities 18-10-16
MDF LL Test number of Telephone Exchanges - Calls free from TM Prepaid SIM reg 05-02-2016
Maternity Paternity leave -Spl allowance for Child care - Executives - 01-02-10
Maternity Paternity leave -Spl allowance for Child care - Executives - 05-01-10
Modification in Mode of reimbursement of claims for Newspaper, Magazine and Towel, reg 02-10-21
Modification of off net calls facilities in Pre paid SIM provided to NE employees - Revision in policy reg 02-02-17
Mtce of Lady officers officials Pool for allotment of BSNL Staff Quarters 31-03-15
Newspaper cost Reimbursement - clatrification 22-07-10
OTA rates for Non Executive employees - 27-02-13
Official domestic Air travel of BSNL officers - Economy measure reg 15-07-13
Out door Medical claims for retired BSNL employees - Extension of last date for option reg 22-06-20
Payment of Gratuity to the Employees of CPSEs - Clarification by DPE reg 10-07-18
Payment of Srinager Valley allowances to BSNL staff posted in Srinagar Valley reg 22-02-17
Policy for allotment of Vaccant qtrs to retired employees - Amendment 26-10-12
Policy for provision of GSM Mobile Service connection to Executives below JAG level and revision of call limit reg 07-04-16
Policy regarding issue of VVoBB connections 13-08-13
Prepaid GSM sim to Non Exec employees - revision of policy reg
Prepaid SIM to TM - RM outdoor - Modification of policy 18-01-13
Provision of Prepaid service SIM to TMs etc 16-01-12
Qtrs allotted to DOT units reg Clarification 22-08-12
Qtrs- Retention of staff Qtrs beyond permissible time of 8 months - Repatriated Gr A officers case 22-06-12
Qtrs-Comprehensive Policy AMRUT for renting out vacant staff quarters Type I II II reg 06-04-16
Qtrs-Modified policy for renting out vacant staff quarters of BSNL reg 06-08-2015
Qtrs-Vacant staff quarters utlisation - Clarification 31-03-14
Quarters - Eligibility criteria for CDA pay scales to officials in BSNL 23-09-14
Quarters - Eligibility criteria for allotment- 29-07-10
Quarters - Extension of policy of allotment of Staff quarters for retired employees reg 18-02-13
Quarters - Modified policy for allotment of vacant quarters to Retired employees in BSNL DOT 10-07-13
Quarters - Proposal for inclusion of vaccant transit quarters
Quarters - Renting out vacant staff quarters to other PSUs etc - Service charges reg Corrigenda 22-01-14
Quarters - Renting out vaccant staff quarters - revised policy 23-12-14
Quarters - Revised rate of damages for unauthorised occupation of GP residential accomodation reg 07-02-14
Quarters Allotment - Guidelines for preparing waiting list reg 17-10-17
Quarters allotment beyond permissible period to spouse of deceased BSNL employee reg - 23-09-14
Quarters- Policy for allotment of staff quarters to retired employees 30-12-11
Quarters- FAQ on Retention of Quarters beyond the permissible limits - reg 04-09-18
Quarters- Retention after permissible period - Delegation of powers
Quarters- Staff Quarters retention by repatriated Gr-A officers - 29-12-11
Quarters- Vaccant Qtrs Utilisation policy amendment - 01-09-11
Quarters-FAQ on Retention of Quarters beyond the permissible limits - Revised 06-09-18
Quarters-Guidelines regarding retention of BSNL Staff Quarter on transfer to other station within BSNL reg 14-06-18
Quarters-Valuation of perquisite for the vacant staff Qtrs to Family member of BSNL 31-05-12
    RSTC and BB
Re-classification of Mathura- Vrindavan Municipal Corporation as Y Class city for the purpose of HRA reg 07-09-20
Recovery of Prequisite Tax from Gr A officers of Govt of India working in BSNL reg 17-07-14
Restriction on the usage of Service - RSTC to reduce IUC 04-01-13
Retd Govt Employee discount in 3G postpaid 10-06-11
Retention of staff quarters by retirees of BSNL reg 20-02-20
Retention of staff qurters by repatriated officers reg 07-05-13
Retention policy for keeping PC, Laptop etc by DGM and above officers - reg 22-02-12
Revised HRA rate for Shaharanpur City 11-06-12
Revised air travel norms for HAG and SAG level officers absorbed in BSNL reg 20-07-18
Revision of DATA facility of GSM Mobile service connection to the Executives of BSNL reg 14-11-17
Revision of flat rate of licence fee for BSNL Residential Accommodation reg 27-08-20
Rssidence office Furniture to GM PGM - 08-11-10
Social security Scheme for the families of BSNL Employees who die untimely - Benovalent fund - Suggestions reg 28-08-2017
Special Concesions to employees working in Kashmir Valley - Corrigendum reg 02-11-16
Special Leave connected with inquiry on sexual harassment to aggrieved female candidate - DoPT order 14-07-16
Special compensatory allowance -remote locality reg 13-01-17
Special concession - facilities to employees working in Kashmir Valley 25-06-15
Special concessions - facilities to employees working in Kashmir valley reg 01-05-14
Special concessions to CG employees - PSUs falling under CGs working in Kashmir Valley reg -DoP and T instructions 11-08-16
Supply of towels and briefcases 23-01-13
    TA DA
TDS on Leave Encashment amount at the time of Retirement - Reg 04-05-12
Transport Allowance for Handicapped at Double the rate 18-03-07
Transport allowance- Removal of one km restriction- 01-07-10
Treatment of Deployed ITS Gr A officers of DOT - Admissibility of allowances -Clarification -17-07-13
VAS to BSNL employees for 3 months for awareness - 24-08-09
Vocational training for BSNL Employee ward - Concession 16-06-11